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Portable Handheld Cordless Mini Sewing Machine
Portable Handheld Cordless Mini Sewing Machine

Portable Handheld Cordless Mini Sewing Machine


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Every Crafter and Seamstress Needs the Portable Handheld Cordless Mini Sewing Machine

• Use on the Go - Requiring only four AA batteries to operate and measuring just 22.5 x 9cm, the mini sewing machine is easy to use outside of your sewing room. You'll be able to fix curtains without taking them off the rod, adjust hems on skirts and dresses at the last minute, repair dust ruffles without removing them from the bed, and more. Great for decorators, designers, crafters, and for bringing backstage at recitals and shows. Always be prepared with the handheld mini sewing machine. 

• Great for Experienced Seamstresses and Beginners - Whether you're an experienced seamstress looking for a portable machine or a beginner wanting to try out sewing for the first time, the handheld cordless mini sewing machine is great for making aprons, gloves, and all kinds of small projects. The flat-bed machine has a stitch-length of 2-2.5mm in a chain stitch formation. 

• Adapter Input - For added convenience, the handheld mini sewing machine comes has an input jack for an adapter (not included).

What’s Included:
1x Sewing Machine
1x Bobbin with Thread and Needle

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