Shake Weight
Shake Weight

Shake Weight

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Special pulsating dumbbell for shaping and toning upper body

Dynamic Inertia technology ignites muscles in arms, shoulders, and chest

Increase upper body muscle activity by 300 percent compared to regular weights

Dumbbell net weight: 1.7KG
Frequency: 240/min
Specifications: Men's, Women's
Exercise: upper body lines such as biceps (upper arm), triceps, shoulders and chest
Product Features:
1. Stylish appearance, compact and convenient, can be carried out at any time indoors, no need to choose a venue;
2. The handle is designed according to the ergonomic principle to ensure a comfortable feel;
3. Spiral vibration devices are added on both sides, using the principle of dynamic inertia;
4. Through the rhythmic back-and-forth vibration, it produces a vibration frequency that has a good effect on relaxing the human body;
5. Short exercise time and quick results. Only 6 minutes of aerobic exercise a day can relieve neck discomfort, exercise biceps (upper arm), triceps, shoulders, chest and other upper body muscles

Weight: 1.898kg

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