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Absorbent Microfibre Cleaning Cloths
Absorbent Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Absorbent Microfibre Cleaning Cloths


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Clean living areas is an important criterion for health. In this context, the quality of the materials used is also important. As StyledThese, we offer you the best cleaning products. These Absorbent Microfibre Cleaning Cloths are commercial cloth’s designed for both wet and dry use across almost any industry. They can be used dry for removing dust and lose particles from all hard surfaces. As it is wiped over a surface it creates a static charge that attracts dirt to the cloth, the microfibre then ‘holds’ the dirt until the cloth is washed. Used damp they remove heavier soilings from all hard surfaces. They work through capillary action, drawing dirt into the cloth. Perfect for washing the dishes as well! These cloth’s are perfect for use on all hard surfaces including, plastic, aluminum, wood, laminate, ceramics, tiling, stainless steel, glass, perspex, paintwork, vinyl etc. You can safely place your order. Get it now!  

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