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Anime Archetype Art Model
Anime Archetype Art Model

Anime Archetype Art Model


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Are you an anime artist trying to expand your creativity?

Do you waste hours looking for specific reference poses on the internet? (I know I have!) If so, you'll love our anime archetype figure model toy! The figures are extremely articulated, and mimic human gestures to perfection. Thanks to these models, you’ll have an infinite amount of references, right at your fingertips.

Over 30 articulated joints make it even easier to recreate a desired pose or action.



The figure measures roughly 6-inches tall & come with 17 interchangeable hands & tools. Includes a sword, laptop, gun, cellphone, pen, and more! These figures are also perfect for beginners trying to improve their drawing skills. You will learn how to draw human anatomy, you will learn proportions, shortcuts, and how to draw all kinds of realistic poses. Grab yours now!


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