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Blackhead Deep Cleansing Foam
Blackhead Deep Cleansing Foam

Blackhead Deep Cleansing Foam


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1. Exfoliate aged cutin and dead skin.
2. Unclog blocking pores and remove dirt, including stubborn dirt and grease.
3. Remove blackheads and effectively suppress pimples and acne.
4. Regulate the balance of water and oil, and tighten pores.
5. Moisturize skin and brighten skin tone


1. Keep your hands and face dry, and shake it gently to press the foam;
2. Spray the mousse on the palm of your hand and apply it to the area to be cleaned (please avoid the eyes and lips);
3. Gently massage in circles along the skin texture for 1-2 minutes;
4. After the cutin dirt has fallen off, wash it with clean water and apply the skin care products.
Usage cycle for different skin types (recommended for reference)

Net content: 50ml
Shelf life: three years 

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