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Cat Sleeping Bag
Cat Sleeping Bag

Cat Sleeping Bag


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Japanese Sleeping Bag
Are you concerned about your pet's health?  
Our pets feel cold, like most animals, and can also suffer from extreme temperature conditions.

Their dense coat suggests that the cold does not affect them, but they can still feel cold, and in extreme weather conditions they can even suffer from hypothermia or get sick.

To do this, ensure comfort with a pleasant sleeping bag suitable for all seasons. And give them the best gift!

Improve the well-being of your animal
Our Sleeping Bag reduces anxiety and soothes your pet with its design that not only protects them from the cold, but gives them a sense of security, and promotes sleep for a long and healthy life!

Can be used as a cat mat, bed or cave. Suitable for most cats , puppies and small animals.

A soothing and removable bed
Made with flannel, wool, polyester fiber fabric, help your pet sleep well, soft padding will give them a comfortable experience, and calm joint pain while promoting blood circulation.

Thanks to its hygienic and removable cover, wash easily at only 30 ° to eliminate parasites and odors.

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