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Fishing Spinning Reel Max Drag
Fishing Spinning Reel Max Drag

Fishing Spinning Reel Max Drag


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RUNCL Fishing Spinning Reel Max Drag 11kg 5.2: 1 High Speed ​​Metal Spool Spinning Reel Saltwater Reel Carp Reel Fishing Send Line

Product detail

RUNCL MERCED spinning reel
Reel model: 2000,3000,4000,5000
Gear ratio: 5.2: 1 (2000,3000); 4.9: 1 (4000,5000)
Bearing: 10 + 1
Maximum drag: 18.7LB (2000,3000); 24.3LB (4000,5000)
Carbon Fiber washers: 3 pieces (2000,3000); 5 pieces (4000,5000)
IPT (in order): 28.3in (2000), 30.2in (3000), 31.31. (4000), 33.9in (5000)
Net weight: 8.3oz (2000), 8.9oz (3000), 12.1oz (4000), 12.5oz (5000)

Package Included

1pc Fishing Reel;
1pcs instructions;
Original box packaging;

All sealed drag system

Offers outstanding protection for effortless friction pressure and smooth aiming

High efficiency smooth running

Features 10 + 4 HPCR (high precision corrosion resistant) ball bearings, NCTM (no gap transmission mechanism) solid zinc alloy pinion gears, high purity reinforced brass drivetrain, high strength stainless steel main shaft, and multi-disc drag system, all levels of fishermen Provides smooth and balanced performance that one can appreciate

Multi-disk drag system

Equipped with multi-disc drag system, offering effortless drag pressure and smooth aiming, guaranteeing that this machine will bring big fish to your boat for years to come

3 carbon fiber washers in sizes 2000 and 3000
Size 4000 and 5000 5 carbon fiber washers

10 + 1 HPCR ball bearings

(HPCR: high precision corrosion resistant)

Unique CNC line management

CNC line management system consists of CNC machined aluminum alloy spool, premium bail wire and internal slow release system. Seamlessly delivers the line to the line roller for a consistent and reliable line to reel, producing ultra-long, highly accurate casts so you can coat the water more efficiently and quickly

Knit ready spool

Constructed with a metal mesh grip on the reel, which is lantern friendly and ready to prevent slipping, you'll never have to bother attaching a monofilament backing or tape reel any more

Hollow out stylish design

High strength nylon hollow out rotor with ventilated CNC machined 2-tone aluminum alloy spool and metallic coating, add stylish and dramatically reduce spinning reel weight without compromising strength and durability

Brand name : RUNCL

origin : CN (origin)

Position : Ocean Boat Fish

Position : Ocean Rock Fshing

Position : Ocean Beach Fishing

Position : LACQUER

Position : river

Position : reservoir Pond

Position : stream

Model Number : A1318111

Fishing Method : Rotate

Fishing Reels Type : Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel

Baits Type : Fake Bait

Gear Ratio : 4.9: 1

Produce Name : RUNCL MERCED Spinning Reel

Reel Model : 2000,3000,4000,5000

Gear Ratio : 5.2: 1 (2000,3000); 4.9: 1 (4000,5000)

Ball Bearing : 10 + 1

Max Drag (LB) : 18.7LB (2000,3000); 24.3LB (4000,5000)

Max Drag (KG) : 8.5KG (2000,3000); 11KG (4000,5000)

Weight : Lightweight Fishing Spinning Reel

Fishing for : Salmon; Carp; Small perch and so on

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