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Hands Free Baby Bottle Milk Holder
Hands Free Baby Bottle Milk Holder

Hands Free Baby Bottle Milk Holder


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As any parent knows, babies need a lot of attention and much of this requires you to hold your baby's bottle just right while they drink. That can be hard on your arms and let's face it, you need a break. That's where the Hands Free Baby Bottle Milk Holder comes in.

This simple device is a hands free baby bottle holder that can be attached to a stroller, a high chair, a car seat and more. It frees you up to do other things while your baby is being fed. That is going to make both of you content and happy. Parents will love the stress that it relieves too.

How many time have you wished you had an extra hand? Now you have one. You can use it to clip many things. Use it for a baby's food/snack jar, milk bottle, cell phone, toys, even small fans. Entertaining your child with a YouTube video lets you get more done and take a breather. The hands free baby bottle holder is flexible and adjustable so you can keep your phone safely out of their reach while in use.

Adults can use it too, to clip their cell phone/GPS in the car or in bed, or even use it for recipes in the kitchen. If you need a free hand for anything, you have it!

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