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Infrared Therapeutic Pain Relief Heat Lamp
Infrared Therapeutic Pain Relief Heat Lamp

Infrared Therapeutic Pain Relief Heat Lamp


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1. Color: White
2. Materials: alloy+glass+ceramic
3. Power: 100W
4. Voltage: 220V
5. Interface: E27
6. Main application scope: whole body

1. The lampshade is made of alloy and the surface is treated by baking technology.The appearance is fashion and simplicity.
2. The lamp head interface adopts E27 interface and ceramic lamp head to prevent static electricity.
3. The direction of the lampshade can be adjusted up and down and left and right for easy illumination.
4. The arm joint can be adjusted 180º longitudinally to meet your needs.
5. It can be fixed on the table and the socket inserted into the pole is fixed with a screw rod.
6. Built-in spring, free to bend to prevent loose joints.
7. Preheat for about five minutes, the irradiation time (same part): 30 minutes for adults and 20 minutes for children.
8. When assisting in health care, the skin of the irradiated area should be exposed, the distance is about 30CM, the skin feels about 40 degrees Celsius or it feels comfortable for people.

Notice: This Infrared Heat Lamp has US Plug ,it's voltage is 220V.If you want to use it on 110V ,please use together with transformer.

Package Included
1 x Light Stand
1 x Light Bulb
1 x Securing Clip

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