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Invigorating Cat Laser Toy
Invigorating Cat Laser Toy

Invigorating Cat Laser Toy


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Keep your cats active and entertained all day long with this irresistible laser toy!

• INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF EXERCISE YOUR CAT GETS: Perfect for overweight and less active cats. Their "hunter" nature will never be able to resist the red dot!

• KEEP YOUR CATS HAPPY EVEN WHEN YOU'RE OUT: Automatic laser works autonomously and will turn on and off based on a schedule. 

• IRRESISTIBLE: Cats can't help it - a red dot never gets boring!


• 5 RANGE AND SPEED SETTINGSCustomize the laser settings to suit your cat. It can go fast, slow, in bigger or smaller circles!

• SCHEDULE ON/OFF TIMESCatzer features an automatic on/off timer so that you can customize how long it stays on, and when! 

• DUAL POWER SUPPLYWorks on AA batteries, or a USB power cable!

• AUTOMATIC/MANUAL MODE: You can join the hunt at any time by switching to "manual" mode and using Catzer as a regular laser!

• INDUSTRIAL GRADE LASER: Can work for long periods of time without diminishing the performance. 


Material: Hard Plastic, Industrial Grade Laser 

What's inside? 
1x Catzer
1x USB Power Cable
1x User Manual

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