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Laser Guided Slingshot
Laser Guided Slingshot

Laser Guided Slingshot


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Innovative slingshot with extra accuracy!

Achieve perfect accuracy using the Laser Guided Slingshot! The slingshot has a laser-powered sight that is used to improve accuracy. The slingshot is lightweight and portable to carry anywhere! Load with ammo of your choosing from paper to rocks! 



    • Comfortable Non-slip design: recurved handle makes the hand feel more comfortable
    • All Skill-levels: The slingshot sight is equipped with a level instrument that allows the novice to quickly master the balance.
    • Laser-Guided Accuracy: It is equipped with a laser that can improve your accuracy.
    • Load with any material: Use any ammo of your choosing, rocks, paper, marbles, and more! 
    • Night-light: It is equipped with a night light that allows you to aim at the target more clearly at night.
    • Portable and Light-weight: carry with you anywhere! 


    • Length: 115mm
    • Weight: 123g


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