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LED Glasses Magnifier
LED Glasses Magnifier

LED Glasses Magnifier


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Do you have a repair hobby that requires watch repair or similar details? Now you can see the smallest details thanks to the LED Glasses Magnifier. You should definitely own this product, which is easy to use and made of high quality materials. A good solution to inspect items under a magnifier. Widely used in mechanical processing, electronic repair, jewelry appraisal, timepiece repair, and miniature engraving, etc. Order now on!

✔️ 3 different magnifications can be interchanged quickly. If this magnifier is used for a long time, may use two lens barrels alternately to eliminate visual fatigue and improve work efficiency.
✔️ Comfortable eyeglass frame or switch to a headband to ensure tight wearing and reduce fatigue for long time use.
✔️ Various lenses for mechanical processing, beauty & makeup, jewelry appraisal, clock repair, and miniature engraving, etc.
✔️ 2 Adjustable LED Lights can help work in low-light conditions (6 * button batteries Included).
✔️ Easily rotate the LED switch cover about 30 degrees clockwise from the dot to the lamplight mark to turn on the light.  



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