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Mini Camera 4K Wifi Portable P2P IP / AP Remote Control
Mini Camera 4K Wifi Portable P2P IP / AP Remote Control

Mini Camera 4K Wifi Portable P2P IP / AP Remote Control


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Mini Camera 4K Wifi Portable P2P IP / AP Remote Control USB Surveillance Camera HD 1080P Support Motion Detection Hidden Card

1. Real-time surveillance:
When you are away from the camera, you can watch real-time video recordings online.
2. Alarm:
When a moving object is detected in the recording range of the camera, the camera will start recording and send an alert to the app on mobile devices.
3.Micro SD card storage:
When the microSD card is inserted, the camera automatically stores the surveillance video. An 8G microSD card can store up to 2 days of recording, a 128G microSD card can store up to a month of recording.
4. Loop recording:
When the memory is full, the most recent video recording will overwrite the earliest video recordings.
5.How to play the video:
The recordings recorded on the microSD card can be viewed on the card reader on the computer or directly on the mobile phone. Recordings saved in cloud storage can be downloaded and viewed directly on the mobile phone.
Pixels: 1200 Mega CMOS
View resolution ratio: 4K / 2K / 1080P / 720P
Video format: AVI
Frame number: 25
Visual angle: 160 degrees
Motion detection camera shooting: straight line 5-10 meters
Minimum illumination: 1LUX
Battery capacity: no built-in battery
Video time: plug and play, 24 hours long time working
Compressed Format: H.264
Record interval: 5
Consumption: 240MA / 3.7V
Storage temperature: -20-80 degrees centigrade
Working temperature: -10-60 degrees centigrade
Working humidity: 15-85% RH
Memory card type: TF card
Maximum memory card capacity: 128GB (memory card not included)
Mobile phone operating system: Android / iOS
Largest customer: 4
1. No built-in battery, just connected to the power supply to work for a long time and it needs 5V / 1A voltage to activate.
2. The camera only supports class 10 micro SD card with at least 8GB capacity. Supports cards up to 128GB.



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