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Motorcycle Handlebar Lock
Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

Motorcycle Handlebar Lock


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Secure your motorcycle from potential thieves or joy riders with our Secure Grip Motorcycle Grip Lock! 

The Bike Safety Grip Lock is a handlebar mount that locks both the throttle grip and the brake lever, keeping them both from being used the entire time it’s in place. To mount it, open the device and position it so that the grip and the brake lever go in the designated slots, then snap the lid down to lock everything into place.





Our high-quality device is made of lightweight aluminium and only takes seconds to install. The MotoLock is compact and can be easily stored in your pocket or saddlebag!




Prevent your motorbike from being stolen with our advanced tamper-proof locking system. By locking the throttle in place, the MotoLock makes it impossible for thieves to steal your motorcycle. It's also a great alternative to a wheel-lock!




Our MotoLock is suitable for almost all handlebar handles including motorcycles, street bikes, mopeds, scooters, street bikes, ATVs, and even snowmobiles.  It comes with three adapters that you can use to provide a perfect fit for the grip, while a sliding mechanism lets you adjust the pressure on the handbrake, which you can set anywhere from zero to 100 percent. You can mount the lock without having to use the key, too, so you can keep it in your pocket until that time you’re getting back on the road.



  • The lock is simple to use and fast to implement - you can remove the lock from your pocket and it fits in less than 5 seconds - that's faster than any other motorcycle security device on the market!
  • It is Waterproof, Heat Proof, Dust Proof, and Rust Proof

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