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Multi-functional tension rope abdomen tension band
Multi-functional tension rope abdomen tension band

Multi-functional tension rope abdomen tension band

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  • MULTIPLE LEVELS OF RESISTANCE BandBoard BB1 is the world’s first portable resistance band workout station for a complete body workout. Strengthen, tone and tighten using BB1’s five-point quick-release bands designed for multiple levels of resistance. BB1 bands simply latch into vertical hooks on the BB1 board, and release instantly.
  • UNLIMITED TRAINING FOR THE ENTIRE BODY The BB1 workout guide is like having a personal fitness trainer by your side at each workout to get you in your best physical health to strengthen core, upper and lower body. BB1 can isolate all muscle groups for strength and symmetry.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL & THE OFFICE BB1 is the best workout system for use as a home gym or on the go, complete with its own carrying case. But don’t let its light weight fool you. BB1 is a premium, quality exercise machine capable of the most effective workout possible for men and women. BB1 strengthens abs, arms, shoulders, back, lats, quads, hamstrings…there are no limitations!
  • QUICK RELEASE ADJUSTMENT Use one of our 4 levels of quick-release adjustable bands and control the desired resistance for your most dynamic workout possible. Unlike typical bands that require you to place bands under your feet, with BB1, you can sit, stand, kneel, lay on your back…etc…tone and strengthen however you decide. No need for sneakers or shoes…with BB1, you can stand wherever you want, barefoot and all, and workout in any direction.
  • BEST WORKOUT SYSTEM BB1 has made resistance band workouts easier and better than ever. Quick release resistance-controlled bands help to measure improvements in strength and aid in promoting physical symmetry. The included workout guide shows a wide array of exercises to remind you of the limitless possibilities with BB1.
  • Product name: Multi-functional tension rope abdomen tension band

    Material: aluminum plate + latex tube

    Product size: 4 * 25 * 55

  • 550 x 250 x 40 mm
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