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Multifunction hammer steel magic tool screwdriver
Multifunction hammer steel magic tool screwdriver

Multifunction hammer steel magic tool screwdriver


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Multifunction hammer steel magic tool screwdriver electric nail gun pipe pliers wrench clamps pliers

Main features
Multi-functional design, it can be used as a power nail gun, pipe pliers, live wrench, screwdriver, clamps pincers, vise, hammer and so on impermeable steel hammer. The pliers itself is a hammer. It can serve as any function of a hammer. And it can be stretched where ordinary hammers cannot beat, this product can be used as a wrench. As a tube pliers can be effective from small to large, generally bent from small to small.
Applicable for home furnishing, outdoor camping, factory finish, etc.
Multi-functional universal hammer, more convenient to carry and work.
High carbon steel tool steel (head)
Steel (handle)
Plastic (lever handle)
Product size    
11CM × 21CM × 4CM
Package Included    
Multifunction hammer, steel magic tool × 1
Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measuring deviation.

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