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Pet comb

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Effectively reduce hair loss after use, reducing pet hair loss by more than 90%

Application: 1. Ensure that the pet's hair is not severely knotted.
2. Need to use when the hair is dry.
3. Big cats have low brush efficiency, and cats should not use force.
4. If you have serious hair loss, please consult a doctor promptly.
5. Cover the comb teeth with a plastic protective cover in time after use.
6. If the pet has skin irritation or a wound, it needs to be used after it has healed.

Combing the head and neck: The movement should be gentle and slow to avoid pulling.
Combing the back and abdomen: gently comb the hair along the direction of hair growth. Exercise as gently as possible when touching the abdomen.
Combing the legs: naturally lift the legs along the joints and do not bend them forcibly.
Carding the tail: The tail animal is sensitive and vulnerable to fright. Pay attention to pet expressions, don't scare pets

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