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Sheet retaining clip sheet holder
Sheet retaining clip sheet holder

Sheet retaining clip sheet holder

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Product Category: Storage clip
Material: ABS
Scope of application; four sets, quilt
Specifications; 4 packs - white, 4 packs - pink, 4 packs - gray

Good quality, very useful for your room.
Easy to use, ideal for fixing and removing sheets, satin sheets, mattress covers, blankets, etc.
Keep the position of the sheets.
Wide compatibility: Our linen tweezers are suitable for plates and plates; this versatile bed sheet can be used with a variety of bedding. And your sheets will stay in place for a long time, making your bed always great.
Made of high-quality ABS, exquisite workmanship
Attached to the four corners of the mattress
Easy to repair around, the slip does not offset
High-quality materials, not easy to break
Steps for usage:
Lift the mattress and insert the mattress clip
Press the small button
Once you have solved all the problems, you can stand firm and not be afraid to slip

Product Name: Sheet Clips Mattress Non-slip Sheet Holder 4 Pack - White
Product size: 17.5*10*3.5cm
Product material: ABS

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