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The lady vibrated the dumbbells

Weight: 0.77kg
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Name: Fitness dumbbell

Specification: 30*8.2CM

Packing: color box

Configuration: dumbbells, instructions,

Material ABS

Suitable for women's aerobics international standard weight.


(1) The appearance is fashionable, small and convenient, and can be carried out indoors at any time without having to choose a venue;

(2) Design the handle according to ergonomic principles to ensure a comfortable hand.

(3) Adding a spiral vibration device on both sides, citing the principle of motion of dynamic inertia.

(4) Through the rhythmic back and forth vibration, it produces a shock that has a good effect on relaxing the human body.

Dynamic frequency

(5) Short exercise time, quick effect, only 6 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, you can reach

To relieve neck discomfort, thin arms and beauty.

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