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TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones


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The Most Popular TWS Earphone is back!

What's new:

[NEW] Touch screen function, which can react with the Apple mobile phone and Android smartphone touch screen

[NEW] They sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out

[NEW] H1 Function ( no H1 Chip )

[NEW] The Marking word same like original

[NEW] Improved shell material for better texture

[NEW] Ability to use earbuds independently

[NEW] Improved sound delay

[NEW] Faster auto-pairing & auto-disconnecting

[NEW] 1:1 design as the second generation

[NEW] Noise cancellation

[NEW] Improved phone call quality

[NEW] Pop up Window and full actual power 

[NEW] Finger Touch Control Technology and Siri

Product Details: 

- Pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device (iPhone, Android, MacBook, PC, etc.)

- No flashing lights whatsoever

- Touch controls

- Wireless charger

- Smart Sensor technology

- 5-4.5 hour playback time

- 1 hour charge time

- 400+ hours of standby time

- The case will recharge earbuds 4-5 times

- Ability to use earbuds independently or simultaneously

- Full actual power displayed on the phone

- Fast shipping from the United Kingdom (we ship worldwide)

- 90-day happiness guarantee

- The 2019 model has a larger battery than the 2018 model and can last longer, and has the original i200-TWS free silicone protective cover

Shipping & Warranty

  • Free shipping on order $20 or more

  • Best Warranty in the Business

  • 30-Day returns

  • Please allow 5-20 business-days for delivery to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and all European Union Countries.


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