Stretch sofa cover

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Product Details Accessories

  1. Unique-seating Couch Cover:

    • Sofa Length between 90-140cm
    • Designation Code: _01
  2. Two-seater Couch Cover:

    • Sofa Length between 145-185cm
    • Designation Code: _02
  3. Three-seater Couch Cover:

    • Sofa Length between 195-230cm
    • Designation Code: _03
  4. Four-seater Couch Cover:

    • Sofa Length between 235-300cm
    • Designation Code: _04

Includes 2 Pillowcases

For Cup or Corner Sofa:

  • No need to purchase 2 separate covers
  • Determine size based on line lengths AA, BB, or CC

Sleeve Cover Options (Size based on line lengths):

  • Designation Codes: _06, _07, _08


  • If AA = 200cm and BB = 160cm, you can purchase 1 Three-seater Sofa Cover (_03) and 1 Two-seater Sofa Cover (_02).

This reformatted version provides a clearer overview of the available sofa cover options based on different lengths and includes specific designation codes for each cover type. If you have further questions or need more details, feel free to ask!

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