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Baby Sling Summer Cotton Cross Simple Sling
Baby Sling Summer Cotton Cross Simple Sling

Baby Sling Summer Cotton Cross Simple Sling

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1. Moisture absorption and ventilation, moisture absorption and perspiration, rapid evaporation. The fabric feels soft, elastic and comfortable.
2. Soft and skin-friendly, high elasticity, strong resilience, soft and light viscose fiber cotton
3. Do not oppress the baby's growth and development. The soft stretch fabric perfectly follows the baby's growth process.
4. Back use will conform to the baby's cervical spine and follow the baby's growth and development
5. Applicable throughout the year. In winter, you can wear it lightly, wrap your baby in your arms, put on a coat, let your baby feel your temperature more intimately; in summer, get rid of the heavy baby carrier, comfortable and breathable.

Product category: strap/back bag
Whether to import: No
Strap method: shoulders
Strap function: multi-function
Maximum load: 15kg
size: one size
Color: dark hemp gray M code, dark hemp gray L code, black M code, black L code

200 x 100 x 40 mm

Package Content:

1 x Cross Simple Sling 

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