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Canvas dog collar
Canvas dog collar

Canvas dog collar

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Material: canvas
Product category: collar
Color: blue spots, strawberry, stripe, Indian wind, Mosaic stripes, dark grey plaid, navy, red, gray, security deductions: blue spots, security deductions: strawberry, security deductions: stripe, security deductions: Indian wind, security deductions: Mosaic stripes, security deductions: dark grey plaid, security deductions: navy, security deductions: red, security deductions: pale, full metal insert button: blue spots, all metal insert button: strawberry, all metal insert button: stripe, all metal insert button: Indian wind, all metal insert button: Mosaic stripes, bronzing plug buckle: blue spots, bronzing insert button: Strawberry, bronze buckles: horizontal and vertical stripes, bronze buckles: Indian style, bronze buckles: Mosaic, small yellow dacron (half metal buckles), paisley pattern dacron (half metal buckles)
Specification (length * width) : S 1.5cm wide adjustment 23-35,

M 2.0cm wide adjustment 27-40,

L 2.5cm wide adjustment 36-55

1. The canvas is breathable and can make dogs comfortable.
2. Adopting the double sewing, the whole durableness is improved for double.
3. The colorful Bohemian style is eye-catching and can decorate your dogs.
4. The adjustable design is suitable for dogs from small to medium.
5. With the durable plastic seatbelt buckle, it can release quickly and is easy and convenient to use.

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