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Car Trash Can Door Hanging Storage Bin Cartoon

Weight: 0.248kg
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Product Details Automotive

Product information:
Purpose: car trash can
Name: Storage box
Style: a variety of options
Color style:
1 Style: Ordinary black-send garbage bag

2 Style: the lion arrives-send garbage bag

3 Style:   A deer is safe -send garbage bag

4 Style:   green big eye dragon -send garbage bag

5 styles:   All is well -send garbage bag

6 Style:   travel safely -send garbage bag

7 Style:   love monkey -send garbage bag

8 style:   Kexin girl -send garbage bag

9 Style:   accompany a deer  -send garbage bag

10 Style:   Deer LOVE Crocodile -send garbage bag

11 styles:  golden silk cat -send garbage bag

12 style:   Pippi tiger -send garbage bag

13 style:   extended family -send garbage bag

14 style:   cute monkey -send garbage bag

15 style: pig -send garbage bag

16 style: blue cat-send garbage bag

17 style:   cute rabbit -send garbage bag

18 style: Big Eye Dragon-send garbage bag

19 style:   watermelon orange juice -Send garbage bag

20 style:   Rainbow Xiaoji -send garbage bag

21 Style:  cartoon sandwich-send garbage bag

Size Information:


Packing list:
Car trash can x1

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