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Electric lunch box food grade plastic 110v 220v plug in lunch box household appliances gift
Electric lunch box food grade plastic 110v 220v plug in lunch box household appliances gift

Electric lunch box food grade plastic 110v 220v plug in lunch box household appliances gift

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Product Details Kitchen & Household

This product is an integrated plastic heating lunch box, belonging to the mechanical plug-in lunch box, which can be directly plugged in for use, and can be stopped when the power is unplugged.

As long as the lunch box has been in an electrified state, it can achieve the effect of heating food. The maximum temperature can reach a safe range of about 50-60 degrees, and it can be used safely.

It is recommended to start heating the meal 30 minutes in advance, and it is better to turn over the meal in the heating process so that it can achieve a uniform heating effect.

Note: this lunch box is food-grade plastic, which can be used safely!

[warm tips]:
1. Before use, check whether the rated voltage marked on the nameplate of the machine body is consistent with the voltage you use.
2. Please use the power supply with grounding protection to ensure personal safety.
3. During use, the body shall be placed on a stable platform and placed out of the reach of children.
4. Do not press the power switch too hard to prevent damage to the power switch.
5. Do not use the product on or near the surfaces of heat-resistant objects such as carpets, and do not place the objects that will be damaged by steam above the product.
6. If the body is dry burning, please add water to the heating plate or unplug the power supply. At this time, do not touch the heating plate by hand to prevent scalding.
7. When cooking food, a lot of steam will be produced. When the upper cover of the body is opened, the steam will come out. Be careful not to be scalded by the steam. After the food is heated, please turn off the power switch before opening the outer cover of the lunch box.
8. The machine body has the function of dry burn protection, that is, the indicator light goes out. When using, remember to turn the power switch to the off state, and unplug the power to ensure that the machine body stops working.
9. Do not immerse the body in water or let the liquid flow into the body during cleaning, so as to avoid danger!
10. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance department or similar full-time personnel to avoid danger.

[Q & A]:

1. How big is the lunch box? What material?
Answer: the rice capacity is 1L (put directly in the lunch box), the dish capacity is 0.5L (there is a special dish separation box), and PP food grade fresh-keeping material.
2. How long is it heated? How long is the insulation?
A: heating takes about 30 minutes (50-60 ℃), and can last for three or four hours in winter. It is recommended to unplug the power within one hour in summer.
It is mainly designed for heating use, with no electric energy inserted for 15 minutes.
3. Ask: summer food is easy to break, can you put it in the refrigerator?
A: it can't be put in the refrigerator. In summer, you can put the food in the refrigerator for cold storage, and then pour it into the electric lunch box the next morning.
4. Is it easy to clean? Can I put it in the microwave?
A: it can't be put into the microwave oven (there are heating components inside), and there is a special small partition (small box) in the place where the dishes are placed, which can be taken out and cleaned separately,
Wipe the place where the rice is put with a soft cloth and water directly. Do not wash the whole machine in water. Clean it after use. Keep the product in a ventilated and dry place and do not let children touch it.

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