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Embroidery dragon tattoo machine set full set

Weight: 0.92kg
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Product Details Garden & Tools

Color: fine sand black + red circle
Product Name: Black King Kong Motor Tattoo Pen
Interface: DC interface
Starting voltage: 4.0V
Needle stroke: 0-4.0mm
Needle length: 3mm
Working voltage speed: 6V speed 3780RPM
(The speeds are all with needle speed 8V speed 5040RPM non-idling speed)
9V speed 6300RPM
Special features: black matt black with bright red collar, looks more textured overall, appearance
The contour has a clear sense of layering, and it is step by step; the product is also matched with the current widely used
High-quality motor with strong torque and smooth shaft rotation; using unique head-end knob ball,
It is softer to use, and can be more intuitive and convenient to assist the operator in judging the length of the needle, as a gift
The DC5.5+6.3 and 3.5 male double-ended cables are more practical.
Packaging and accessories:
Packing: black box (including two small black boxes) + frosted value pocket for machine
Accessories: One is divided into two lines---DC male + (6.3 male and 3.5 audio) 1.8 meters + desiccant
Note: The working voltage is 7-11V, and it must not be overloaded for a long time, and the maximum can withstand
The torque is 189.3g.cm

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