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Household kitchen knife

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Product Details Kitchen & Household

Product Category: Kitchen knife
Material: 4034ZW stainless steel
Specification; goddess chopper
Style: Chinese tradition
Goddess Royal Fish Chopper

  Hammered kitchen knife: high strength, high hardness, high sharpness

Sharp edge: pure cutting edge, cutting force increased by 70%, cutting and chopping ingredients smooth and comfortable.

The blade is forged by hand in Damascus steel.

Pure copper rivets: design eye, exclusive preparation for chef's knife

Ebony handle: The round shape helps reduce hand fatigue. The color wood handle design is not only beautiful, but also has a sense of quality.

Comfortable grip: thumb position stability +60%
                     Index finger position Operation flexibility +70%
                     Middle finger and ring finger balance +60%
                     Little finger position, anti-dropping +90%

One-piece molding: The steel is not welded to prevent the handle and the blade from breaking.

Steel: 5cr molybdenum vanadium steel  

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