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LED Flat Screen Night Reading Light
LED Flat Screen Night Reading Light

LED Flat Screen Night Reading Light

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Dual-purpose, the reading lamp is small in size and does not take up space. It can be used not only as a night reading light, but also as a bookmark.
Eye protection, the wavelength of light is close to natural light, and the light yellow lighting environment is designed to be warmer, more suitable for long-term reading, and will not cause eye fatigue.
Clear, the reading light is made of transparent acrylic material, providing comfortable vision, allowing you to read the book more clearly. Effectively prevent font distortion, shrinkage, and halo.
The brightness is adjustable, and the brightness can be adjusted in two levels. The initial brightness is suitable for reading. The specially designed brightness area is suitable for students to be illuminated when they walk at night.
Portable and lightweight, the overall lightweight design weighs only 130g, which is convenient for page turning and convenient for reading and learning in campuses, parks, and gardens.

Product information:
Name: LED flat panel night reading light
Features: High brightness, adjustable brightness.
Elegant shape, easy to carry and easy to use.
This is a new way of reading light.
Lightweight and portable design.
A new way of using light reading.

170*150*15mm, 230*210*15mm

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LED flat panel night reading light*1








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