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Men's shaving set with solid wood handle

Weight: 0.178kg
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Product category: manual shaver
Brand: ABCRE
Name: Metal brush and razor holder
Material: Fe-Ni alloy
Height: 106mm
Opening: 26mm
Inner circle diameter of Hu brush bayonet: 32mm
The inner diameter of the middle circle: 17mm
Name: Double-layer shaving soap bowl
Material: pure stainless steel
Height: 52mm
Bowl diameter: 74mm
Diameter of bowl bottom: 37mm
Name: 3-layer blade (imported blade, very sharp) razor with wooden handle
Material: Alloy + Beech
Packaging: Transport packaging, if you need to add a gift box, an additional 10 yuan.
The cutter head is common to Gillette's Front Speed 3 cutter head
Name: bristles shaving brush
Material: high-quality natural bristles + lotus + golden circle
Height: 104mm

Style A: Shaving kit + a spare bit
Style B: Shaving kit + two spare heads

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