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Pet Collar Leash Bow Trash Bag Set

Weight: 0.155kg
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Product information :
Material: Polyester
Product Category: Chest Strap
Whether it can be stretched or not: no
Color: be careful pet collar, be careful pet leash, be careful pet bow, be careful pet bag, be careful pet harness

Size Information:
Specifications (L*W): XS,S,M,L,XL

Collar size: 

XS: width 2.0cm, length 23-30cm

S: width 2.0cm, length 31-41cm

M: width 2.5cm, length 42-48cm

L: width 2.5cm, length 49-55cm

XL: width 2.5cm, length 56-62cm

Leash size: 

XS: width 2.0cm, length 110cm

S: width 2.0cm, length 110cm

M: width 2.5cm, length 120cm

L: width 2.5cm, length 120cm

XL: width 2.5cm, length 120cm

Bow knot size: 

S: neck 26-32cm, bust 32-45cm, width 1.5cm

M: neck 32-38cm, bust 38-53cm, width 1.5cm

L: neck 38-42cm, bust 44-63cm, width 2cm

XL: neck 42-52cm, bust 45-66cm, width 2cm

Packing list:
Strap*1 Collar*1 Leash*1 Bow Knot*1 Pet Baba Bag*1

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