Soft Hoop Sport Hoop Fitness Circle Fitness Equipment Lose Weight Home Bodybuilding
Soft Hoop Sport Hoop Fitness Circle Fitness Equipment Lose Weight Home Bodybuilding

Soft Hoop Sport Hoop Fitness Circle Fitness Equipment Lose Weight Home Bodybuilding

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Hoop is a sport suitable for all ages. Skilled people can obtain better movement and development of waist, hip, and leg muscles, and effectively improve the flexibility and flexibility of waist, hip, and knee joints.
It can be used not only as a general toy, but also in competitions, acrobatics performances, or as weight loss appliances.
Also, it is a very practical piece of indoor exercising equipment which could be used without limitation, people can use it to enhance flexibility, muscle, and endurance of heart and lungs in any place at any time, it is very easy to learn, insisting hoop exercising is good for your health.
More importantly, this item is a kind of hoops with a different structure from traditional hard tube hoops which hurt your waist and muscle after a long time rolling, while this hoop is made of more flexible and soft spring by ergonomics engineering, it cares your waist and fillings while you rolling, more comfortable and safer.

Material: steel spring inside with PVC spring cover outside, and ABS joints
Size of product: diameter of the total spring tube is about 3cm, and the perimeter of the product is about 160cm
Instruction of using: contact our customer service, please
Service life: 2-5 years with proper care and general use frequency
(Style 1) Children's model-random color 1.7 kg
(Style 2) Pink, yellow, blue, abdomen, weight loss, 3.2 kg
(Style 3) Pink, yellow and purple abdomen increase weight loss by 3.2 kg
(Style 4) Colorful aggravated abdomen to lose weight 3.2 kg
(Style 5) Pink, Yellow, and Blue Thin Waist — 2.4 kg
(Style 6) Pink, Yellow, and Purple Thin Waist — 2.4 kg
(Style 7) Pink, yellow, blue, 3.2 kg weighted [send skipping rope]
(Style 8) Pink, yellow, purple, 3.2 pounds aggravated [send skipping rope]
(Style 9) pink yellow blue 3.2 kg [send rally]
(Style 10) Pink, Yellow, and Purple 3.2 kg [Send Rally]
(Style 11) Pink, Yellow, Blue, 3.2 kg [Free 30-pound Figure 8 Rally]
(Style 12) Pink, Yellow, and Purple 3.2 kg [Free 30-pound 8-shaped Rally]

Package Content
1* spring hoop

Weight: 1.72kg

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