Winter Thickened Rabbit Plush Modern Sofa Cushion
Winter Thickened Rabbit Plush Modern Sofa Cushion

Winter Thickened Rabbit Plush Modern Sofa Cushion

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Description Bedroom

  • Material: Bubble rabbit hair
  • Product Category: Sofa cushion
  • Pattern: Solid color
  • Applicable Sofa Type: Combination sofa

Size Information:

  1. Size: 7070, L-W-H 3535*2cm
  2. Size: 70120, L-W-H 3624*2cm
  3. Size: 70150, L-W-H 5434*3cm
  4. Size: 70180, L-W-H 4534*3cm
  5. Size: 70120, L-W-H 5434*4cm
  6. Size: 9070, L-W-H 4535*2cm
  7. Size: 90120, L-W-H 4045*2cm
  8. Size: 90160, L-W-H 5345*2cm
  9. Size: 90180, L-W-H 4545*4cm
  10. Size: 90210, L-W-H 5345*4cm
  11. Size: 90240, L-W-H 6045*4cm
  12. Size: 110110, L-W-H 5656*3cm
  13. Size: 110160, L-W-H 5356*3cm
  14. Size: 110180, L-W-H 4556*4cm
  15. Size: 110210, L-W-H 5356*4cm
  16. Size: 110240, L-W-H 6056*4cm

Packing List:

  • Sofa Cover: 1

Transform your sofa into a cozy haven with our Winter Thickened Rabbit Plush Modern Sofa Cushion. The combination of comfort and style makes it a perfect addition to your home decor.

(Note: Please refer to the size information to choose the suitable size for your sofa.)

Weight: 1.7kg

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